Getting Started with OpenStack :: Lab Materals

Time / Date / Location
Wednesday, April 27, 9:00am-10:30am
JW Marriott Austin - Level 3 - Salon D

This year we have prepared a Vagrantfile to run the demo and to provide to
attendees. We suggest that you complete the preparation for the session before
you arrive at the session as there is a decent amount of configuration the script
will need to do that will take some time and bandwidth.

The following will deploy a Virtual Machine on your laptop that will enable you to
follow along step by step during the session.

  1. Install Vagrant:
  2. Download the Vagrantfile:
  3. $ vagrant up
  4. Wait for the install to complete, it will take some time.
  5. $ vagrant halt

At the Session:
  1. $ vagrant up

These instructions should download a CentOS7 Vagrant Box, Install RDO and provide
you an environment to follow along in the lab. These are the same materials that
will be used to present the session.

If you have trouble you can ping me on irc or twitter, I'm radez in both places